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Dancing Children

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Welcome to Marta's Dance Studio for Children

Children Dancing

Move your body, move your feet, learn to dance. Sway and swing with the rest of Australia as we all go dance crazy. Dancing has never been more popular than now, thanks to television dance shows such as Dancing with the Stars and Strictly Dancing.

Whatever your reason for wanting to learn to dance, we have dance programs to meet your needs. Whether your aim is just social dancing, or you would like to have a go at some more serious competitive dancing, we can cater to your needs. And the best thing is, it's all really good fun!

Introducing Dance Classes for Children and Youth Age 6-18

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We believe in introducing children to dance early at Marta's Dance Studio. We provide European, Modern Ballroom, Latin American, Disco and Show Group Dancing lessons for children aged 6-18. We have group and individual programs for beginners, low to high level dancers, social and sport dancers.

You don't need a dance partner. Singles, couples and groups are welcome.

Wedding Dance Planning

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Let us help you plan The PERFECT DANCE for that PERFECT DAY!!! We will help you select your song, dance and custom tailor a program designed specifically for you.

Your Wedding Day deserves to be unique and create the beautiful memories of your dreams...  It's best to prepare for your first dance with the same care you give to your invitations, gowns, catering, flowers and music. Start planning at least 6 months prior to your wedding date so that you can choose your special song, the type of dance you want to do, and take lessons before "wedding frenzy" sets in!

Fitness Dancing Group for women, aged 40, 50 and even 60+

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Our program includes dancing movements from the well-known rhythms, like foxtrot, tango, waltz, cha-cha-cha and a bit of rock-n-roll. Come and give your body the opportunity to move in various ways to the rhythms of beautiful jazz music. Your muscles will become firmer and stronger, you will develop better body balance as well as better brain and muscle memory, while systematically learning diverse dancing movements and rhythms. You will feel excellent. Your posture will improve tenfold and step will become lighter. Given the intensity of sessions, losing weight can also be an added bonus.

We invite all women, wishing to keep in stronger shape of Mind and Body.

All sessions take place once a week in the new hall of Bondi Public school, at the following address:

5 Wellington Street, Bondi
Entrance from Henderson Street
Free parking available within school car park

All enquiries are welcome

M: 0414 303 819
Ph: 9387 66 27


Dancing Couple

Dancing Couple

Dancing Couple

We organise, choreograph and conduct internal competitions and shows for parents and general public every 6 months. This allows students to review and evaluate their achievements, as well as to provide their families and friends with a very enjoyable and entertaining show. We design costumes for the performances. We also provide private lessons and choreography for couples and individuals on request.

Our students have been included in Elite Squad of DanceSport NSW. Our students have been competing and winning Prizes at all Juvenile Australian Ballroom Dancing Competitions and Championships since 1994 till present. Our students have been competing and winning Prizes at the following competitions and championships organised by Dance Sport Australia ( from 1995 till present:

  • National Capital DanceSport Championships in Canberra
  • FATD Spring, Summer Autumn & Winter Festivals
  • NSW Open Championship
  • South Pacific Championships
  • ANDA Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter Festival
  • East Coast Classic
  • Australian DanceSport Championships in Melbourne

For more information on DanceSport and the Australian Championships visit:

Our students and Marta's Dance Studio were featured in the ABC Documentary Ballroom Babies (8:30pm Thursday, September 21, 2006) :

Our students have been featured in "Ballroom blitz" 60 Minutes story (Channel 9, NINEMSN) in 2006, URL:

Marta Kan receives DS NSW Chairmanís Award

Marta Kan is a recipient of DS NSW Chairman's Award
with Carol Kimmins
Paragraph about Chairman's Award written by Shirley Wall

Photo: Stuart Low

"NSW Open Championships " article written by Shirley Wall

Published in Australian
Dance Review, September
2011 Edition 344

Dancing Couple

Dancing Couple

Dancing Couple

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